No doubt. He really is an action man. 

Like all of us, Rey T. Uy a.k.a. “Chiong Oy”, “Opaw”, “C.O.”, among others, believes that actions speaks louder than words. But he is an epitome to this saying. Tagumeños knew what he has done. No. Not only Tagumeños but all the Filipinos that has been helped by this brave and smart man. His projects and programs not only felt by Tagumeños but in different parts of the Philippines. That made him a pride of Tagum.

Undoubtingly, he became the Father of Modern Tagum. He made a 360 degree change in Tagum – a makeover. The once unknown, messy, unflourished Tagum has evolved in a captivating, active and world-renowned city. That’s because of him and his actions.

Here are some of his notable programs that reached many people in Tagum and beyond.


Because of his willpower to help the citizens of Tagum and those who needs help, he did what he needed to do. Because of that, he has been awarded by different agencies and organizations. Trophies and honor are not important according to him. What’s important is the kind of help he gave to the people. Honors and awards are just results of his doings.

Awards Tarp 2

Now, he is running for mayor again. Let us support his endeavours and let us unite to bring back the old Tagum, the safe, sound, clean and yet, festive Tagum we always wanted.


Thank you Tagumeños!