C. DOMINGO (2)Strengthen the Tagum Tourism Council and review the tourism code to address the following concerns:

  1. Preservation of all the festivals, programs and activities.
  2. The role of the tagum city tourism council in the implementation of project, events and programs in accessing the manpower and resources of the city tourism office.

Review and /or amend the nvironmental code for Tagum City prioritize the issues on:

  1. Solid waste management.
  2. Preservation of wildlife and natural resources.
  3. Identify endangered plant species of the region and its propagation in a suitable habitat.
  4. Creation of an awareness program and campaign on steps to reverse climate change.
  5. To educate the community on how to recycle garbage and turn it into business opportunity.

Create program solely centered in the three (3) interlinked social issues:

  1. Drugs and substance abuse
  2. HIV-AIDS prevention and rehabilitation
  3. Gender sensitivity

Identify the physical impaired individuals in the barangay and hone their potentials/talents/skills and create a livelihood program that will make these individuals self reliant and productive through the untapped resources from NGO`s and the government initiated assistance programs.